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3 Point Alliance white papers are written for finance, treasury, payments, and procurement professionals who need insights into best practices, strategies and current payments industry-related topics that help you identify your needs surrounding insourcing or outsourcing remittance processing, disaster recovery, business continuity; and, payments equipment maintenance and equipment financing options.
Challenges of Remittance Processing in a Changing Consumer Finance Landscape
3 Point Alliance took an in-depth look into how companies can effectively handle these three consumer finance industry challenges: 1) CFPB regulatory and enforcement risks and costs: 2) keeping paces with the costs and challenges of integrating new technology; and, 3) managing TCO (total cost of ownership)–both the direct and indirect costs of processing remittances.
2015-16 Remittance Industry Outlook: 5 Trends Still Dominate

Five trends—Compliance and Risk Management, Cybersecurity, Outsourcing, Cash Management, and Fintech Innovation—will continue to dominate the remittance processing landscape going into 2016. We detail in this 4,000 word paper what trends are more important now than a year ago and provide ways to approach each category with new thinking.

Integrated Receivables: Five Critical Factors for Adoption

In this paper, we outline five critical factors for adopting an Integrated Receivables (IR) solution that would provide many benefits to companies looking to streamline receivables processing such as cash acceleration and increasing straight-through processing (STP) rates. We discuss how the payments landscape is changing for AR/AP professionals and why companies have been slow to adopt integrated receivables.

Building Optimal Bill Payments Environments: Strategies for Managing Payments Types, Compliance and Risk

Payments processing is a complex business function but never more so than in today’s rapidly changing payments landscape where explosive innovation in technology — from cloud computing to M-payments to Payments as a Service apps – and an increasing amount of new rules and regulations designed to improve the payments industry as a whole are defining future payments strategies.

A 5-Step Guide to Easier Payments Outsourcing: Best Practices for Payment and Remittance Outsourcing

These white papers identify best practices companies can use to identify their business case outsourcing need – from business requirement gathering to process validation and vendor contract management — that will make outsourcing remittance payments a more well-defined and easier process.

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