Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity Services provides clients with comprehensive disaster recovery planning and secure data management that ensures office and facility disaster preparedness and mitigates risk.
  • Location failure plans ensure uninterrupted mail and remittance operations
  • Robust image loss recovery and protection systems
  • Server redundancy, secure data and telecommunications failure back-up
  • Proven change management and disaster planning methodologies
  • Complete office and facilities management consulting
  • Turn-key business management services
  • Security audit and regulatory support
  • Short-notice data, mail or remittance process recovery at back-up sites
The Business Continuity Services Difference:

Thought Leadership:

The Business Continuity Services (BCS) team was among the first to innovate the traditional shared-recovery model by developing customized, dedicated site proposals for the banking industry. BCS works with banks and remittance executives nationwide to analyze and develop their proprietary continuity and disaster recovery plans. Our customized continuity plans can be designed for a range of dedicated and back-up services to reassure your investors, partners, people and customers and insure your operations.

Live Sites:

Your ability to seamlessly transition into your backup/disaster recovery site is a key component to our services. We plan and fit out every site to be live—with many of our customers using these sites as active nodes in their networks —and our sites are tested and maintained to ensure every component is optimized for use. We have an active network of industry professionals who can supplement your team to keep your operations moving, and we accommodate general and administrative work area recovery, high speed print shops, statement rendering, item/remittance processing and trade floor recovery.