Social Responsibility

Our corporate social responsibility policy covers our commitment to integrating our core business processes – chiefly paper check processing – into a business model where we minimize environmental waste, express corporate citizenship in our community that is aligned with our business values and ideals, and includes fair business practices that promote safety, transparency and fairness with all of our stakeholders.

We are committed to:


  • Continuous improvement in all of our business processes.
  • Being a good corporate citizen that is socially responsible.
  • Being in compliance with all payments processing regulations on behalf of our clients.
  • Encouraging environmental awareness amongst our staff across our processing centers.
Standards of Business Conduct

We recognize that almost any business operation can have a negative impact on the environment and embrace all aspects of sustainable development.

We assess which social issues are the most relevant and decide at what stage in the procurement lifecycle social policy must be considered.

We operate in a way that guards against unfair business practices.

We believe our success flows from serving the interests of our stakeholders.

Running our business with good CSR helps manage risk and is in our customers’ best interest.

We continually review our policies and business practices to align our resources with environmental sustainability and ethical marketing practices.

Corporate Governance

We are committed to ensuring our business is conducted in all respects according to rigorous ethical, professional, regulatory and legal standards.

We endeavor to ensure that stakeholders have confidence in the decision-making and procurement management process, by the conduct and professionalism of all staff. We do this by continually training and developing our staff.

All groups and individuals are treated in a fair and open manner.

We continually review all business activities to ensure best practices are observed.

We have action plans in place for continuous improvement of business processes with our clients.


Through our commitment to continuous improvement our processing facilities have virtually no environmental impact.


Our corporate management would be informed of any key issues involved in procurement so they can make an informed decision about environmental impact.


3 Point Alliance has employed a number of operational activities designed to positively affect the environment:


  • We provide a digital image archive to all our clients for their paper transactions.
  • All processed paper documents are shredded weekly and removed from service center premises for recycling.
  • All client reports are available electronically.
  • All high speed extraction and processing equipment in our service centers have been rebuilt, refurbished and/or recycled.
  • Cleaning products used in our centers are environmentally safe products.
Social & Community Engagement

We are engaged in various socially responsible initiatives that give back to communities where we have processing facilities and offices which can include giving to local charities, supporting community volunteerism, sponsoring local events and supporting economic growth.

Vendor Relationships

We will continue to work with client companies to promote more environmentally friendly processes and procedures.

Our vendors are regarded as partners and we will work with them to align their services with our business practices and ideals.

3 Point Alliance

Founded in 1990, 3 Point Alliance has been a leading provider of end-to-end remittance processing solutions that exceed industry quality standards and reduce processing costs by streamlining payment operations.

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