Norm Grunberg
Norm Grunberg is founder and president of 3 Point Alliance. In this role Norm directs the company’s operations along with his partner and co-president of over 20 years, Richard Daidone. He plays an instrumental role in the company’s growth and profitability and spearheads all check processing equipment leasing, sales and financing activity through 3 Point’s Equipment Leasing Organization.

Since 1990, Norm and Rich have worked together to acquire and/or develop payments-related companies which together make up 3 Point Alliance, a holding company founded in 2008. 3 Point Alliance is made up of Qwinstar Corporation (acquired in 2007), Equipment Leasing Organization (founded in 1990), Business Continuity Services (acquired in 2002) and 3 Point Payment Processing (purchased from Unisys in 2009).

Today under Norm’s leadership, 3 Point Alliance offers clients in many industries a vertically integrated suite of payment processing solutions spanning check processing equipment maintenance and training, business continuity (disaster recovery and other mission critical services), and payment processing solutions requiring customized hardware and solutions.

Norm is a graduate of Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY.

“It has been an honor to keep the nation’s largest financial institutions operating on a daily basis. Our work is always driven by the customer – that is why we’ve been a provider of choice for many payment processing customers since 1990.” –Norm Grunberg, Founder and President

3 Point Alliance

Founded in 1990, 3 Point Alliance has been a leading provider of end-to-end remittance processing solutions that exceed industry quality standards and reduce processing costs by streamlining payment operations.

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