Non-profits / Charitable Organizations

3 Point Alliance’s product suite enables non-profits and charity organization to more efficiently manage their unique marketplace challenges and needs.

We customize solutions that can:

  • Scale donation processing up to accommodate peak processing periods
  • Flexibility to handle changing remittance coupon data such as scan lines depending on the solicitation
  • Ability to receive, secure and track cash
  • Process non-standard documents accurately and cost-effectively
  • Partnering with you, we can be an extension of your business development, marketing and treasury teams
  • 3 Point Alliance values your organization, your cause and your donors.

Our mission is to make donor processing easy and cost-effective, so your organization can achieve its mission. We are committed to not only supporting this key business function but to supporting your overall organizational goals as well.

3 Point Alliance

Founded in 1990, 3 Point Alliance has been a leading provider of end-to-end remittance processing solutions that exceed industry quality standards and reduce processing costs by streamlining payment operations.

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