From payments strategy to implementation, 3 Point Alliance insights deliver comprehensive vertically integrated remittance processing, equipment, disaster recovery and operational financing solutions that help drive organization change, improve productivity, and optimize business operations.
Payment Insourcing and Outsourcing
No matter how complex your payments function is, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move forward, depending on your specific needs, with a complete business process insourcing or outsourcing plan.
As a leading provider of vertically integrated remittance and payment solutions for over 20 years, we help companies across many industries optimize remittance and payment processing operations to lower cost per item, mitigate compliance and other risk, and to refine payment strategies that can give you a competitive advantage.

Our practical ideas are linked to measurable solutions that give you confidence in your decision to move forward with choosing and implementing a range of solutions and services that, once implemented, can allow you to focus on your core business.

3 Point Alliance is staffed by industry leaders and experts who bring insights into how you can transform your payment environment, and can apply their ideas and years of experience to solving your company’s cash management, business process improvement, accounts receivable management, disaster recovery, payment equipment maintenance and other payment-related issues for your entire organization.

3 Point Alliance provides companies with an extensive set of capabilities for insourcing or outsourcing payments (including hybrid solutions) which involves sophisticated service level agreements, thorough reviews and recommendations from expert business analysts, integrating software installs along with advice on hardware upgrades and other maintenance issues plus much more.
Every client implementation is unique and requires a high degree of customization due to the complexity of each installation. And all implementation timeframes are met or exceeded with every client implementation.

We optimize client as well as our own proprietary solutions throughout the implementation process and work closely with you to ensure staff is up-to-speed on all transaction processing protocols, exceptions handling, and any other software or hardware features identified as part of your implementation.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
3 Point Alliance has developed specific disaster recovery and business continuity plans for a range of remittance processors. We work closely with our clients to develop a customized disaster recovery and business continuity plan to meet your needs. Once in place, your plan is reviewed, tested and updated regularly to ensure you are prepared for every conceivable threat or disruptive event to property and human capital.
Equipment Leasing, Financing
Investment in equipment along with equipment-related systems and processes is not a top priority for many companies especially when the economy is sluggish and profit margins are tight.
Companies that cannot commit to buy new equipment outright are often able to work with existing equipment via a third party that can provide cost-effective equipment maintenance solutions to address challenges around facility management, logistics, spare parts, repair, diagnostics, and on-going expert service to meet a wide range of complex equipment needs.

Rather than commit to major capital expenditures which involves risk, working with 3 Point Alliance, an experienced vendor, that offers a single-source equipment maintenance solution allows you to focus on your core business.

3 Point Alliance

Founded in 1990, 3 Point Alliance has been a leading provider of end-to-end remittance processing solutions that exceed industry quality standards and reduce processing costs by streamlining payment operations.

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