Qwinstar is the premier provider of bill paying processing equipment maintenance services.

  • 24/7 payment equipment maintenance availability
  • Expert technicians trained in cross-platform repair – IBM, NCR, IBML
  • The Qwinstar Maintenance Director – Diagnostic software for monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Inventory of payment processing equipment fluids, inks and machine parts
  • Tech support for legacy IBM 3890/3897 and NCR 7780, iTran and 7766
  • Commercial equipment Inspection and audit capabilities



The Qwinstar Difference:

Our program is the industry’s most comprehensive and rigorous, with all technicians trained to monitor, maintain, troubleshoot and repair both IBM and NCR equipment. Resident and Senior technicians receive annual training updates to supplement their working knowledge, and multiple technicians can be accessed simultaneously to ensure your processing environment is maintained and restored efficiently
Qwinstar Maintenance Director:
This network tool allows our technicians and your team to monitor equipment at all times—down to individual parts. It is the industry’s most effective software in diagnosis and preventive maintenance—giving us real-time access to information with extraordinary detail.
Parts & Ink Inventory:
We maintain the industry’s most extensive inventory of parts, ink and fluid. Our ability to replace worn and potentially harmful parts keeps your machines running at optimal levels more effectively than any other maintenance provider. Technicians and clients have immediate access to extensive inventory of replacement parts. To best service our customers, all parts, ink and fluid are available to companies with in-house maintenance, equipment brokers and other maintenance companies.

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