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Industry-wide remittance experience delivering
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Norm Grunberg

Norman Grunberg

“It has been an honor to keep the nation’s largest financial institutions operating on a daily basis. Our work is always driven by the customer – that is why we’ve been a provider of choice for many payment processing customers since 1990.”
– Norm Grunberg, Founder and President

Norm Grunberg is founder and president of 3 Point Alliance. In this role Norm directs the company’s operations along with his partner and co-president of over 20 years, Richard Daidone. He plays an instrumental role in the company’s growth and profitability and spearheads all check processing equipment leasing, sales and financing activity through 3 Point’s Equipment Leasing Organization.

Since 1990, Norm and Rich have worked together to acquire and/or develop payments-related companies which together make up 3 Point Alliance, a holding company founded in 2008.

3 Point Alliance is made up of Qwinstar Corporation (acquired in 2007), Equipment Leasing Organization (founded in 1990), Business Continuity Services (acquired in 2002) and 3 Point Payment Processing (purchased from Unisys in 2009).

3 Point Alliance offers clients in many industries a vertically integrated suite of payment processing solutions spanning check processing equipment maintenance and training, business continuity (disaster recovery and other mission critical services), and payment processing solutions requiring customized hardware and solutions.

Norm is a graduate of Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY.

Richard Daidone

Richard Daidone

“In 1990 we saw a market opportunity to provide integrated payment processing services to a variety of industries by providing vertically integrated payment solutions. We’re growing our capabilities and expertise every day to deliver the most creative, flexible and effective solutions for your business.”
– Richard Daidone, Founder and President

Richard Daidone formed 3 Point Alliance, a holding company made up of Qwinstar Corporation, Equipment Leasing Organization, Business Continuity Services and 3 Point Payment Processing, with his partner Norm in 2008 after working together in the payments industry since 1983.

Rich held various management and executive positions at United Computer Corporation and United Recovery Services where he served as CEO before starting 3 Point Alliance. In addition, he was the CEO of Business Continuity Services, now a 3 Point Alliance company. He was named President of 3 Point Alliance in 2008 charged with strategic business acquisitions along with overseeing day-to-day operations.

He graduated from Boston University, Boston, MA.

Andy Castaldi

Andy Castaldi

“We see the people behind every transaction and every item processed. The 3 Point Alliance difference is that we truly care about your business, your people and your customers. Customer service, relationships and trust are at the core of our services for companies of every size.”
– Andy Castaldi, SVP and Managing Director

Andy Castaldi is managing director and senior vice president of 3 Point Alliance. Having spent over 35 years in business management and services operation positions with Citibank, First Fidelity Bank, National Westminster Bank, he directs 3 Point Payment Processing, the company’s payment processing unit.

Prior to joining 3 Point Alliance, Andy was a principal at Earnings Performance Group, a New Jersey-based business consulting firm where he was responsible for revenue enhancement and operations re-engineering projects located in the U.S., Europe, Australia and Kenya.

He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA.

Gary Smith

Gary Smith

“When you come to 3 Point Alliance to develop a solution for your remittance processing, equipment maintenance, financing and business continuity needs, your business becomes our priority. We understand your business, listen to your needs and optimize solutions to fit your particular needs.”
– Gary Smith, National Sales Director

Gary Smith is responsible for remittance processing sales and marketing for 3 Point Alliance. Gary has worked in the remittance processing Industry for more than 28 years. He started his career with CashFlex (later acquired by CoreStates bank) where he worked in sales and sales management for 14 years. In 1999 he started his own company, Capture Resource, which provided remittance and document processing services. After selling Capture Resource, Mr. Smith worked as a consultant for two years before joining 3 Point Alliance in 2011.

Gary is a graduate of the Fox School of Business and Management at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA with a B.B.A. degree in marketing.

Michael Lindsey

Michael Lindsey

“Through our four businesses and our industry leading business partners, 3 Point Alliance provides a portfolio of services that is truly unique in scope. If your requirements are complex and you need a seamlessly integrated solution, you’ve come to the right place.”
– Michael Lindsey, SVP-Opportunity Development and Implementation

A senior vice president, Mike Lindsey is responsible for opportunity development and implementation which includes the creation of custom payment processing solutions for all 3 Point Alliance clients.  Throughout his career, he has been involved in all aspects of payments processing from paper-based to electronic solutions. His specialties with 3 Point Alliance have included sales, opportunity development, operations management and product and solution development.

Prior to joining 3 Point Alliance, Mike held similar payments processing positions at BancTec and Unisys. He also held senior operations management positions at several large Chicago-based financial institutions.

Mike earned a B.S. in finance from the University of Illinois and an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago, Chicago, IL.

Mike Atchley

“We know just how important every detail is, which is why you’re a part of the process from planning to maintenance. We customize our solutions because it’s our business to fit solutions to your needs and to ensure that your operation is running smoothly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”
– Mike Atchley, Managing Director

Andrea Dunn

Andrea Dunn

“Our clients tell us they love our software and that our project and support teams are the best! Our job is to care about how your business and staff will benefit from our products and services. But our motivation is the strong customer relationships we develop with clients over time.”
– Andrea Dunn, Senior Director

Andrea Dunn leads the core team of remittance solution technical specialists who design, develop, customize and support the remittance application software technology used in 3 Point Alliance service centers and client managed remittance operation facilities across the country.

She is known in the transaction marketplace for her passionate dedication both to servicing our customers and to guiding every aspect of the software life cycle.

Prior to joining 3 Point Alliance in 2010, Andrea held a variety of technical and program management positions, responsible for a number of financial and payment-related software products during her 29-year tenure at Unisys. Her award-winning software development and support teams serviced hundreds of financial institutions and dozens of large telecom and energy companies during peak market growth while at Unisys.

Andrea holds a B.B.A. degree in management science from the University of Georgia, Athens, GA.

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