Best Practices Guide to Outsourcing Remittance Payment Processing

Best Practices for Payment and Remittance Outsourcing

A 5-Step Guide to Easier Payments Outsourcing: Best Practices for Payment and Remittance Outsourcing

Our guide to easier payment outsourcing contains actionable information that biller organizations can use to:

  • Evaluate payment or remittance processing outsourcing risk

  • Understand why internal unit costs rise despite cost-containment efforts

  • Grapple with mission-critical payment migration and implementation processes

  • Gain insight into the reasons companies need to outsource payments or remittances

  • Establish a detailed business case for the outsourcing process

  • And much more…

This guide presents ways companies can better identify their business case outsourcing need – from business requirement gathering to process validation and vendor contract management — that will make outsourcing payments a more well-defined and easier process.

While the business process outsourcing needs of companies vary, many believe that simply upgrading legacy payments equipment will reduce per unit costs. Billers operating in today’s tough economy need to gain insight into a wide range of BPO-related processes to stay competitive. Companies need to know how to better manage payments to optimize cash flow, implement the right processes to contain or reduce operating costs; and, increasingly, learn how to handle burdensome and costly regulations.

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